This quarter, Winter 2021, the linguistics department will be hosting an inclusive pedagogy in linguistics series. We’ll have four external presenters and a panel discussion. We invite our colleagues in neighboring language related fields such as English, Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychology, NELC, etc. to join us!


  • Presenters: four invited presenters with expertise at the intersection of linguistics, pedagogy and inclusion (Kendra Calhoun, Wesley Leonard, Julie Hochgesang, Kirby Conrod)
  • Attendees: UChicago faculty, staff and students in any language related departments are welcome
  • Organizers: The linguistics department

What: Inclusive Pedagogy in Linguistics

  • Though are many aspects to social justice and inclusion, our invited presenters will be focusing on:
    • Racial inclusion
    • Indigenous inclusion
    • Deaf inclusion
    • LGBTQ+ inclusion

Where: Zoom

When: Winter 2021

See schedule for more details


  • Continuing education for faculty and for graduate TAs on inclusive teaching practices specific to linguistics
  • Improving curricular inclusion in the linguistics and other related fields
    • Creating a more inclusive learning environment
    • Actively addressing the marginalization in our field
    • Building a future of linguistics that prioritizes inclusion and social justice in our research and teaching


  • All invited presenter sessions will have ASL interpreting
  • Contact us if you have any accessibility questions or there are accommodations we can make so that you can participate in this series

Introduction Video!